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Email: wcgdrailroad@gmail.com

Address: 831 N. Grand Ave, Waukesha, WI, 53186

(*) Phone: (262) 719-7777

(*) Phone is not staffed 24/7. Phone will only be answered if club members are present at Clubhouse.

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How to Get Here

831 N. Grand Ave, Waukesha, WI

Intersection of Grand Ave. and South St.

Become a Member!

The Waukesha County Gandy Dancers currently has four classes of membership. Each of the classes of membership are briefly outlined below, as well as the monthly dues for each class. To join as an official member, visit us during our open houses or monthly club meeting nights and request an application to become a member.

Single membership (basic membership for individuals age 18 - 64): $30/month - full voting rights at club meetings

Family membership (one or two adults and children): $35/month - full voting rights for one family member at club meetings

Senior membership (member age 65 years and older): $20/month - full voting rights at club meetings

Junior membership (member age 17 years and younger): $20/month - no voting rights at club meetings